Idea 3: Vladek’s Transition

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The transition from Vladek’s physical and mental wellness from the first page of the first book to the second page of the second book is colossal. In one of the frames in the first page, he explains how he was able to rest up and regain his strength all after one day. He was fit, fed, and living in comfortable conditions. Contrary to this, on the second page, we are witnesses to what could possibly be Vladek’s lowest point in his life during the Holocaust. Ill with typhus, he seems to feel that this time spent in the concentration camp will be his last few hours of living. He is malnourished, physically weak, and subjected to the worst possible living conditions. When his bread is taken, he does not even have the ability to say anything his defense, so he has to bang his shoes on the bed frame to get the attention of the thieves. It seems that Vladek has been staring into the eyes of the angel of death for a while now, just anticipating when his time will come. It is sad to think about the way Vladek must have been in this situation, the sense of loss and defeat in his eyes and soul, and how it all compares to the way he felt in the first page. He seemed strong, hopeful, and just a little bit naïve in the first page, hoping that anything he is exposed to in the future must be better than what he was doing, but in the second page, he seems to have lost most of his hope, and feels that it all should just end.

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