Idea 1: Vladek’s Values

When comparing the two pages, there is a clear distinction between the way Vladek values what he has in the first page compared to the way he values his belongings in the second page. In the first page, we see him and his comrade walking into their cabin and exclaiming how astonished they are to be able to have a bed, a stove, sheets, etc; but they don’t know how much they should be appreciating this. They are not as grateful as they should be when receiving all of these, soon-to-be, luxuries. They’re blind to the significance of everything in front of them because they have yet to have the need to bargain it for something that could ultimately save their life, the way Vladek eventually must bargain pieces of his bread for assistance to go to the bathroom. His weak condition doesn’t permit him to even get out of his cot on his own. He knows how much worth his bread has that despite the fact that he can’t even eat it, he hides it because it can become of greater value in the future. Despite the fact that earlier Vladek didn’t have the same knowledge that older Vladek had regarding the difficulties of the Holocaust and the concentration camps, it is interesting to see how quickly his values change, and how much hopelessness and despair caused him to understand what he needs most in life. Never would he have thought that a loaf of bread would become his best friend.

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