Two Points for the Pelicans

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 12.25.53 PM

It was pretty hard for me to come up with an idea for this sketch. After looking at classmate’s ideas and the ones that were on the website, it seemed like a lot of the good ideas were taken. So, I turned to what every teenager does when they can’t figure something out for schoolwork, and went on my phone to procrastinate. There, I saw a video of Anthony Davis, an NBA player on the New Orleans Pelicans, throwing down a nasty dunk. That video sparked my idea for this picture. I could not find a perfect picture of Anthony Davis, so I turned the tables and decided not to make it about him, but about the Pelicans. My biggest challenge was getting rid of the background on the basketball player; but it ended up working out perfectly when using the tools on Microsoft Word. I am pretty satisfied with the outcome of my two photos and I think it really goes to show that not all content on social media is bad.


Daily Struggle


This sequence of events is something that has happened to me too many times in the past two months of being at Emory. I make the decision to head towards the library to finish all of the work that I have, but the second I sit down, I end up spending more time messing around with my friends than doing any of my work. Despite the library being a study area for students, I find the first two floors, and at times the third floor, to be more of a social setting rather than a study lounge.

It wasn’t that difficult to turn this story into a six-panel comic. I knew I was going to include the three instances where I was pulled away from doing my work. I found this assignment easier than I had expected it to be.

Who Can Guess What’s In My Bag?


Powerade bottle

French Notebooks

Math Notebook



Teo Pencils

Granola Bar

Deck of Cards


After taking this picture, I analyzed it for a few moments to determine what I wanted to write about in my reflection. What I realized, is that I am a very simple, and organized student. I only have books in my bag that I needed for the last day of class that I had so that I am not carrying any unnecessary weight on my back. The things that I always have with me however are the cards, the chapstick, the water bottle, the pencils, and the granola bar. I constantly have these things in my bag in case I get tired and need fuel to get me through the day, or if I ever get bored in between classes, while not at my dorm, and I find someone to play cards with. I actually think I’ve had that same pack of cards in my backpack for the past two years.

One other thing I noticed just from the layout of the objects in my backpack, is that I laid everything out in a very neat and organized fashion. I have always told myself that I have, what I like to call, “undiagnosed OCD”, because there are certain things in my life that I feel the need to be just perfect otherwise I get agitated. For example, if a teacher doesn’t erase ALL of the marks on a dry-erase board, I get agitated; or if things on my desk aren’t in the right spot, I just get bothered by the inconsistency in it. I definitely think this had something to do with why I organized my belongings from my backpack in such a tight fashion.

The Ugly Truth


With this assignment came multiple struggles. I was not sure how to completely go about creating my mini comic strip and I still am unsure if I executed this correctly. I think the one thing that confused me most, or that made it the most difficult for me was that it was ONLY three panels. In my mind, a story needs to have more than just three panels with some words on it to be able to tell a complete story and have a lesson of some sort.

When drawing this Triptych, and coming up with the captions, I didn’t truly understand how dark I made it sound until I looked at it with new eyes as a finished product. Although, despite it’s bluntness, I do agree with what I wrote. I believe that if you are going to work hard, it should be because you want to achieve a final goal, and have that hard work pay off. If you work hard just for the sake of working hard because someone told you to, then you will not achieve anything. I believe there should be an aspiration behind every effort put in by someone so that what everything they put into their goal, will eventually payoff in the outcome.

My Take On Tracing Maus

My Take On Art Spiegelman When first given this assignment, I was honestly petrified. I thought that it was one of the more confusing assignments I had been assigned, and that it was going to take much longer than intended. However, after finally finishing the project, I can confidently say that the only true, difficult part about this project was the tracing part. The writing actually came much easier to me than I expected because of how many thoughts I had jumbling around in my mind regarding the two pages I chose. I actually found myself writing too much, and I had to cut out some thoughts that I wanted to keep. Annotating the tracing for both pages definitely helped in igniting some of the more significant ideas that came to me when comparing and contrasting the two pages.

Maus was for sure a graphic narrative that I thoroughly enjoyed, not only because of the type of story it was about (the Holocaust), but because of the countless literary devices that Spiegelman included in his two books that made making these connections so much easier to identify. I much would have rather done a project like this than been assigned a five paragraph essay. With this project I was able to analyze a book in a new, and different way than I ever had in the past. Overall, reading Maus and understanding the context within it, and the choices that Spiegelman made, was an exciting experience.

Fear: A Mindset

IMG_9774Fear: A Mindset

Out of breath

Must be released

Feared that we would lose until

Death row

Take it all in

I’ve been so worried

I haven’t even thought…

I’ve lost

New trial

Get you home

Mood lightened

We’d been too afraid to discuss

This assignment took me by surprise at first, if I’m being honest. Similar to the last assignment, I tried to find the perfect book to use to then figure out how to make the perfect poem, but then I reread the guidelines for the assignment and remembered that that is the complete opposite of what I’m supposed to be doing. I decided to choose the most random book I could find and then formulate the poem using the words I was restricted to. The poem I wrote about described my feelings that I get when I’m on the mound in an intense baseball game. No matter what the scenario is, no matter the score, I always have a sense of fear and worry in the pit of my stomach that at any given moment, something can go wrong, and then another, and then another, until everything spirals out of my control. I have to act like nothing can defeat me, and then once the game finally ends, I can allow my “mood to lighten”.


Dracula Likes to Gamble Too


It took me a little while to figure out what to use for this sketch, but after a while I realized I was thinking to hard about what I should draw rather than the objects I should use. I found these die in the bottom of my backpack, while reaching for a pencil and they both happened to be lying with the “one” facing upwards. Instantly, the idea of eyes came to mind and I went from there. I placed the die on the paper and started to draw a face and I just got carried away. To me, they seemed like beady red eyes, and thus,  my version of Dracula was created. I have always loved Vampire movies, ranging from Van Helsing starring Hugh Jackman, to Hotel Transylvania, with the voice of Adam Sandler. The whole idea how they come out in the dark, live forever, have special abilities, etc., makes me so envious of them. I think the fluorescent red coloring of the die makes the image much clearer, for if it were two, regular white die, they would not have the same affect. I felt like I needed to emphasize the intensity of the eyes to resemble a nastier, more ferocious Dracula, which is why I made the head on the smaller side.

The reason I decided to go with the die as my object of choice was because I find the world of gambling very intriguing. The suspense and the luck that goes into each game is a thrill for me. Not that I gamble, (because I don’t know how to play half of the games), but I would watch the World Series of Poker for hours on end, watching people’s fortunes go up and down in the blink of an eye all because of one flimsy playing card. I find the whole concept of gambling very interesting, and I suppose these die resonated with me more than the rest of the objects in my room.

Primate Biogeography


To be honest, when given this assignment, I thought it was going to be a lot more difficult than it actually was. I had always thought that just copying down the notes and the important parts of what the teacher said was enough for me to grasp the knowledge for future exams. This assignment provided me with new insight on how to retain the information I needed to, but by doing much less work. I honestly believed that I was going to struggle with this assignment and it was going to be just tedious task for me, however I was able to see that it actually went by a lot faster than I thought it was going to because, like I have said in previous posts, I am a very visual learner and by taking notes through pictures and designs, I was able to remember the information better than I would have if I just copied down the bullets on the powerpoint presentation. One thing that I found very intriguing, was that even days after taking these notes, I would instantly be able to picture the setting of my class as I drew that part of the sketch. For example, the finch. Every time I look at it, I instantaneously see the exact notes on the smart board, the professor speaking, and the ideas being shared by the students. I cannot say for sure that I will continue to use this form of note-taking for the rest of my classes, although, I can definitely see myself using it again for a class. Link

Literary Narrative Reflection

While writing this narrative,  I realized that I use my ability to visualize the story plot in almost every book I read. It helps me stay interested in the book and allows me to have a better understanding of what is going on in the book. I also am able to understand now that the more graphic and descriptive the book is, the easier it is to visualize and form a connection with. What I realized most while writing this narrative was that, because I am not the biggest fan of reading or writing, is that I require great detail to keep me entertained, and possibly some “darker” detail to keep the story interesting. For this reason, I think I will really enjoy Maus, because of the ideas that it involves. I think that I knew that I visualize stories well when reading them, but after this narrative it made me focus on how significant it was to this story, so it I should try and utilize it as much as possible for future books that I read. One sentence that I think readers would identify as the most interesting sentence is either how I am able to visualize the plot exceedingly vividly, or the descriptive parts from the book that I read. I think those two parts of the narrative would resonate with people the most because of the meaning and intensity behind them both. I really enjoyed writing this narrative because I was able to write about what I wanted and what I felt. There were minimal guidelines and it was really just a personal experience piece. I felt like I was able to express ideas that I have always thought about but never actually expressed.

Shining Brighter

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 12.47.59 AM

Even though this is not a picture of me, it is a picture of something that I believe will show you what kind of person I am. It is obvious that the atom in the middle is the center of the image and that all focus should be on the atom. It shines much brighter than everything around it and that is kind of how I try to live my life. Ever since I was little, I have always been outgoing and energetic. While some may see this as a flaw, I enjoy being the center of attention (most of the time), and making a clear distinction between myself and the others around me. I chose to edit this picture because I find science and space to be the coolest ideas ever to learn about. The fact that there has been so much discovered in both fields, yet so much still to be discovered is mind-boggling to me, but also just as exciting. This edit also reminded me of the Marvel Comic Universe surrounding the Avengers, of which I am an AVID fan of. This image is my first time editing a photo, which in my opinion symbolizes me enjoying to try new things. I always learn from them, whether I fail or succeed, and then use my new knowledge to my advantage for next time.