The Great Pyramid of Semester One

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For this Sunday sketch, I decided to form a pyramid with all the building blocks we used from this year. However, this pyramid is constructed in the opposite way that a normal pyramid is built. A normal pyramid is built with the building blocks on the bottom and the end result on the top. I designed this pyramid based on the way we learned and studied this semester. We started out by reading each graphic novel, and then examined how the ideas of the intellectuals (written above the books) influenced and took part in each of the graphic narratives that we read. Then we identified the seven constructs of graphic narratives in each of these books. This semester, we deconstructed the books in the opposite manner that each of these authors most likely created them. This strategy was extremely useful in figuring out how and why the authors included certain elements to their stories, and how it relates to the overall theme of graphic novels.

Reflecting CO^2 in Climate Change

Reading Climate Changed provided me with a lot of insight on a massive, global topic at hand that I was not very informed on before.  Finding a pattern was actually surprisingly easier for me than I had imagined and I am very satisfied with the one that I did find. It wasn’t some “clear as day” pattern, it was something that I had to think about and put a meaning to, which I actually did thoroughly enjoy. I took something that could have been seen as Squarzoni simply reflecting on life and different types of media, and I turned it into him providing messages as to what he believes the human population is, and will be like once climate change becomes a more prevalent topic to people.

Structurally, I was  little confused as to what the idea of “mapping” meant for this project, but ultimately the chart that I created provides easy navigation throughout the book to find where he includes his beliefs and how they are spread out from beginning to end.

Hopefully the world will soon come to understand the gravity of climate change and how rapidly it can alter the future if no significant changes are made. No one wants to be a man without a parachute!

Literacy Narrative 3 Reflection

My final version of my literacy narrative is almost completely different than my first attempt at writing it. After finishing my comic, I noticed ideas that I included when I was drawing that I didn’t notice when I was writing the first draft of the literacy narrative. After having my conference, it was suggested to me that my comic had more flow to it than my actual writing, which, in my mind did make sense because I was able to draw and there were less restrictions. But what didn’t make sense to me was why that held true because the literacy narrative comic was supposed to be based off of exactly what was written in the actual writing piece. So, after a visit to the writing center, I was able to  gather tools both from my comic, and the writing center students to reconstruct my literacy narrative to become what I believe is a mixture of all three components.

Each step of the literacy narrative process has helped me accomplish most of the learning outcomes. By utilizing my resources from the writing center, translating my original piece into a completely different medium, and eventually revising my essay to the point of complete differentiation, I have fulfilled a majority of the learning outcomes which, to me, is a big accomplishment. Overall, I am satisfied with the progress I made from the beginning of drafting my literacy narrative to the final result it has become today.Deeper and Darker (NEW)

Comparative Essay Reflection

The hardest part about writing this essay for me was coming up with the thesis. In the past, when writing a comparative essay, my thesis would always surround the idea that the two topics being discussed are different, yet similar at the same time. For this essay, I had to develop a thesis that explained an idea not even close to that, which made it harder to come up with.

What made this essay easier for me was that I had enjoyed reading both books, and the stories behind both author’s adolescent lives. I think their journeys from trauma to recovery were remarkable, and the level of detail that was incorporated into both books made finding evidence for my thesis much easier. I found it interesting how after diving deeper into both books, I was able to grasp an even better understanding of the stories and was able to relate to the authors more than I had the first time around. After finding out why both authors decided to turn their experiences into a graphic narrative was also very interesting. David Small’s reason was a lot more meaningful than Tillie Walden’s, but in the end, both stories came out to become masterpieces.

I am glad that I was able to write this essay. It gave me practice for these types of essays: more analytical and structured, rather than creative with more freedom.

Sincerely Yours, The Breakfast Club


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For this weeks sketch, I instantly knew what movie and what scene I was going to use. The Breakfast Club, directed by John Hughes, is one of my all time favorite movies. The first time I watched this movie was when I was fourteen years old. I instantly fell in love with the characters, most of all, John Bender, played by Judd Nelson. Each time I continue to watch this movie, the scenes and the quotes never get old for me. I pick up on the underlying jokes within the movie that I had never picked up on in the past, mostly as a result of my age increasing. The Breakfast Club is, and forever will be in my top five favorite movie list.

More to Music Than You Know



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I was very happy that we were assigned this sketch assignment because it finally gave me a reason to use the music I always listen to and incorporate it into some sort of schoolwork. I have always been a music lover, for as long as I can remember. I use to make my grandma play the “Fruit Salad” song by the Wiggles for me when I was only five years old. I still can’t go anywhere without my music. What I decided to do for this sketch was choose one song from my top three, most played playlists. The three songs I chose are listed above, and they all are apart of different playlists that signify something different. “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter is played whenever I…am having a bad day (who could’ve guessed that). If I’m ever in a bad mood, or something didn’t go my way and it gets me down, this is the first song I go to when I plug in my earbuds. If you can guess, “Power” by Kanye is the song I play for myself whenever I feel empowered or in a great mood. I play Kanye’s “Power” a lot of times when I’m heading to the library to put me in the confident, “hyped up” mood to study and finish my work. I listen to “Sunday Candy” when I feel like life seems to going just as I intended and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong.

What I did over the course of a week or so, is I tallied in the notes app on my phone each time I played the song per day. At the end of each day, I looked at the notes and saw the number of times I played each song and that determined if I could reassure myself that I had an overall pleasant day or not. I think if I eventually went more in depth into this project, I would add more songs that correlate to different moods to provide me with a better representation of how my day actually went. I think that using music was a very smart choice by me, not only because I knew I would stick with it and be able to gather a significant amount of data, but because there is always a lot of emotion in any type of music. No matter what song is playing, there is a certain emotion that was intended for the audience to feel; which is why I believe that each of these songs are able to signify how I was feeling that day.

Analysis on Literacy Narrative Comic

This was one of the more difficult assignments for me, so far this year. I thought the “Tracing Maus” assignment was going to be the toughest, but this was definitely a challenge. Normally, I would’ve thought that because this is a drawing assignment, it should have come easy to me because I do, in fact, love to draw; but it wasn’t so much the drawing aspect of it, it was the content of which I had to draw about. I had never been asked before in my life to reflect on myself as to what type of reader or writer I am. And still, honestly, I am not completely positive as to what type of reader I am, but I do have a better idea after reflecting on the one specific moment of me reading The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. I think overall, the message is conveyed through my comic as to what type of reader I think I am. Most of the pictures and illustrations I drew directly relate to the text above them, or even exaggerate them a little bit.

Despite the difficulty of this assignment, I am happy that I was able to do it because it allowed me to get a better understanding of what I need to improve on as a reader, which will flow into me bettering myself as a writer.

Open-Mindedness and Strategy