The Great Pyramid of Semester One

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 11.17.05 PM

For this Sunday sketch, I decided to form a pyramid with all the building blocks we used from this year. However, this pyramid is constructed in the opposite way that a normal pyramid is built. A normal pyramid is built with the building blocks on the bottom and the end result on the top. I designed this pyramid based on the way we learned and studied this semester. We started out by reading each graphic novel, and then examined how the ideas of the intellectuals (written above the books) influenced and took part in each of the graphic narratives that we read. Then we identified the seven constructs of graphic narratives in each of these books. This semester, we deconstructed the books in the opposite manner that each of these authors most likely created them. This strategy was extremely useful in figuring out how and why the authors included certain elements to their stories, and how it relates to the overall theme of graphic novels.

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