Reflecting CO^2 in Climate Change

Reading Climate Changed provided me with a lot of insight on a massive, global topic at hand that I was not very informed on before.  Finding a pattern was actually surprisingly easier for me than I had imagined and I am very satisfied with the one that I did find. It wasn’t some “clear as day” pattern, it was something that I had to think about and put a meaning to, which I actually did thoroughly enjoy. I took something that could have been seen as Squarzoni simply reflecting on life and different types of media, and I turned it into him providing messages as to what he believes the human population is, and will be like once climate change becomes a more prevalent topic to people.

Structurally, I was  little confused as to what the idea of “mapping” meant for this project, but ultimately the chart that I created provides easy navigation throughout the book to find where he includes his beliefs and how they are spread out from beginning to end.

Hopefully the world will soon come to understand the gravity of climate change and how rapidly it can alter the future if no significant changes are made. No one wants to be a man without a parachute!

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