Literacy Narrative 3 Reflection

My final version of my literacy narrative is almost completely different than my first attempt at writing it. After finishing my comic, I noticed ideas that I included when I was drawing that I didn’t notice when I was writing the first draft of the literacy narrative. After having my conference, it was suggested to me that my comic had more flow to it than my actual writing, which, in my mind did make sense because I was able to draw and there were less restrictions. But what didn’t make sense to me was why that held true because the literacy narrative comic was supposed to be based off of exactly what was written in the actual writing piece. So, after a visit to the writing center, I was able to  gather tools both from my comic, and the writing center students to reconstruct my literacy narrative to become what I believe is a mixture of all three components.

Each step of the literacy narrative process has helped me accomplish most of the learning outcomes. By utilizing my resources from the writing center, translating my original piece into a completely different medium, and eventually revising my essay to the point of complete differentiation, I have fulfilled a majority of the learning outcomes which, to me, is a big accomplishment. Overall, I am satisfied with the progress I made from the beginning of drafting my literacy narrative to the final result it has become today.Deeper and Darker (NEW)

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