Comparative Essay Reflection

The hardest part about writing this essay for me was coming up with the thesis. In the past, when writing a comparative essay, my thesis would always surround the idea that the two topics being discussed are different, yet similar at the same time. For this essay, I had to develop a thesis that explained an idea not even close to that, which made it harder to come up with.

What made this essay easier for me was that I had enjoyed reading both books, and the stories behind both author’s adolescent lives. I think their journeys from trauma to recovery were remarkable, and the level of detail that was incorporated into both books made finding evidence for my thesis much easier. I found it interesting how after diving deeper into both books, I was able to grasp an even better understanding of the stories and was able to relate to the authors more than I had the first time around. After finding out why both authors decided to turn their experiences into a graphic narrative was also very interesting. David Small’s reason was a lot more meaningful than Tillie Walden’s, but in the end, both stories came out to become masterpieces.

I am glad that I was able to write this essay. It gave me practice for these types of essays: more analytical and structured, rather than creative with more freedom.

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