Who Can Guess What’s In My Bag?


Powerade bottle

French Notebooks

Math Notebook



Teo Pencils

Granola Bar

Deck of Cards


After taking this picture, I analyzed it for a few moments to determine what I wanted to write about in my reflection. What I realized, is that I am a very simple, and organized student. I only have books in my bag that I needed for the last day of class that I had so that I am not carrying any unnecessary weight on my back. The things that I always have with me however are the cards, the chapstick, the water bottle, the pencils, and the granola bar. I constantly have these things in my bag in case I get tired and need fuel to get me through the day, or if I ever get bored in between classes, while not at my dorm, and I find someone to play cards with. I actually think I’ve had that same pack of cards in my backpack for the past two years.

One other thing I noticed just from the layout of the objects in my backpack, is that I laid everything out in a very neat and organized fashion. I have always told myself that I have, what I like to call, “undiagnosed OCD”, because there are certain things in my life that I feel the need to be just perfect otherwise I get agitated. For example, if a teacher doesn’t erase ALL of the marks on a dry-erase board, I get agitated; or if things on my desk aren’t in the right spot, I just get bothered by the inconsistency in it. I definitely think this had something to do with why I organized my belongings from my backpack in such a tight fashion.

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