The Ugly Truth


With this assignment came multiple struggles. I was not sure how to completely go about creating my mini comic strip and I still am unsure if I executed this correctly. I think the one thing that confused me most, or that made it the most difficult for me was that it was ONLY three panels. In my mind, a story needs to have more than just three panels with some words on it to be able to tell a complete story and have a lesson of some sort.

When drawing this Triptych, and coming up with the captions, I didn’t truly understand how dark I made it sound until I looked at it with new eyes as a finished product. Although, despite it’s bluntness, I do agree with what I wrote. I believe that if you are going to work hard, it should be because you want to achieve a final goal, and have that hard work pay off. If you work hard just for the sake of working hard because someone told you to, then you will not achieve anything. I believe there should be an aspiration behind every effort put in by someone so that what everything they put into their goal, will eventually payoff in the outcome.

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