My Take On Tracing Maus

My Take On Art Spiegelman When first given this assignment, I was honestly petrified. I thought that it was one of the more confusing assignments I had been assigned, and that it was going to take much longer than intended. However, after finally finishing the project, I can confidently say that the only true, difficult part about this project was the tracing part. The writing actually came much easier to me than I expected because of how many thoughts I had jumbling around in my mind regarding the two pages I chose. I actually found myself writing too much, and I had to cut out some thoughts that I wanted to keep. Annotating the tracing for both pages definitely helped in igniting some of the more significant ideas that came to me when comparing and contrasting the two pages.

Maus was for sure a graphic narrative that I thoroughly enjoyed, not only because of the type of story it was about (the Holocaust), but because of the countless literary devices that Spiegelman included in his two books that made making these connections so much easier to identify. I much would have rather done a project like this than been assigned a five paragraph essay. With this project I was able to analyze a book in a new, and different way than I ever had in the past. Overall, reading Maus and understanding the context within it, and the choices that Spiegelman made, was an exciting experience.

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