Fear: A Mindset

IMG_9774Fear: A Mindset

Out of breath

Must be released

Feared that we would lose until

Death row

Take it all in

I’ve been so worried

I haven’t even thought…

I’ve lost

New trial

Get you home

Mood lightened

We’d been too afraid to discuss

This assignment took me by surprise at first, if I’m being honest. Similar to the last assignment, I tried to find the perfect book to use to then figure out how to make the perfect poem, but then I reread the guidelines for the assignment and remembered that that is the complete opposite of what I’m supposed to be doing. I decided to choose the most random book I could find and then formulate the poem using the words I was restricted to. The poem I wrote about described my feelings that I get when I’m on the mound in an intense baseball game. No matter what the scenario is, no matter the score, I always have a sense of fear and worry in the pit of my stomach that at any given moment, something can go wrong, and then another, and then another, until everything spirals out of my control. I have to act like nothing can defeat me, and then once the game finally ends, I can allow my “mood to lighten”.


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