Dracula Likes to Gamble Too


It took me a little while to figure out what to use for this sketch, but after a while I realized I was thinking to hard about what I should draw rather than the objects I should use. I found these die in the bottom of my backpack, while reaching for a pencil and they both happened to be lying with the “one” facing upwards. Instantly, the idea of eyes came to mind and I went from there. I placed the die on the paper and started to draw a face and I just got carried away. To me, they seemed like beady red eyes, and thus, ┬ámy version of Dracula was created. I have always loved Vampire movies, ranging from Van Helsing starring Hugh Jackman, to Hotel Transylvania, with the voice of Adam Sandler. The whole idea how they come out in the dark, live forever, have special abilities, etc., makes me so envious of them. I think the fluorescent red coloring of the die makes the image much clearer, for if it were two, regular white die, they would not have the same affect. I felt like I needed to emphasize the intensity of the eyes to resemble a nastier, more ferocious Dracula, which is why I made the head on the smaller side.

The reason I decided to go with the die as my object of choice was because I find the world of gambling very intriguing. The suspense and the luck that goes into each game is a thrill for me. Not that I gamble, (because I don’t know how to play half of the games), but I would watch the World Series of Poker for hours on end, watching people’s fortunes go up and down in the blink of an eye all because of one flimsy playing card. I find the whole concept of gambling very interesting, and I suppose these die resonated with me more than the rest of the objects in my room.

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