Literary Narrative Reflection

While writing this narrative,  I realized that I use my ability to visualize the story plot in almost every book I read. It helps me stay interested in the book and allows me to have a better understanding of what is going on in the book. I also am able to understand now that the more graphic and descriptive the book is, the easier it is to visualize and form a connection with. What I realized most while writing this narrative was that, because I am not the biggest fan of reading or writing, is that I require great detail to keep me entertained, and possibly some “darker” detail to keep the story interesting. For this reason, I think I will really enjoy Maus, because of the ideas that it involves. I think that I knew that I visualize stories well when reading them, but after this narrative it made me focus on how significant it was to this story, so it I should try and utilize it as much as possible for future books that I read. One sentence that I think readers would identify as the most interesting sentence is either how I am able to visualize the plot exceedingly vividly, or the descriptive parts from the book that I read. I think those two parts of the narrative would resonate with people the most because of the meaning and intensity behind them both. I really enjoyed writing this narrative because I was able to write about what I wanted and what I felt. There were minimal guidelines and it was really just a personal experience piece. I felt like I was able to express ideas that I have always thought about but never actually expressed.

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