Shining Brighter

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 12.47.59 AM

Even though this is not a picture of me, it is a picture of something that I believe will show you what kind of person I am. It is obvious that the atom in the middle is the center of the image and that all focus should be on the atom. It shines much brighter than everything around it and that is kind of how I try to live my life. Ever since I was little, I have always been outgoing and energetic. While some may see this as a flaw, I enjoy being the center of attention (most of the time), and making a clear distinction between myself and the others around me. I chose to edit this picture because I find science and space to be the coolest ideas ever to learn about. The fact that there has been so much discovered in both fields, yet so much still to be discovered is mind-boggling to me, but also just as exciting. This edit also reminded me of the Marvel Comic Universe surrounding the Avengers, of which I am an AVID fan of. This image is my first time editing a photo, which in my opinion symbolizes me enjoying to try new things. I always learn from them, whether I fail or succeed, and then use my new knowledge to my advantage for next time.

One thought on “Shining Brighter

  1. Welcome to the class. I hope it wasn’t too disappointing to learn that this comics class won’t include any Marvel comics — but maybe your interest in the cinematic adaptations is something you can bring to bear this semester in other ways.


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